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The MP Station.

Pictures from Jim McKenna. Thank you.

The person in the photo is Mr Hassan. (Not sure of the spelling). He was one of the German Interpreters that worked at the MP station during my tour of duty.
Jim McKenna

William O Darby was a great place to live. It is nice to see that it was developed and not demolished. I hope to go back in the next year or so to see the finished product.
The bakery at Darby - date unknown.

Pictures by Mr. Dembowa (through Günter Scheuerer, 27 Dec 2007)

Pictures by Werner Bäuerlein (about 1989).

Left: Entrance at Balbiererstraße.

Right: the chapel.

Pictures from the MP Station (1976) by James McKenna, Ma. (17 July 2006)

MP Station, CID Headquarters, view from my bedroom window.


Ed Roth

MP Station, German interpreter at MP desk.

MP Station "me"

MP Desk

Butch Nyfong

Bld 1

Bld 1

Bld 1, view from my bedroom window.

me, Ed Roth, G. W. James

Quadrangle, Linda Marshall.

Becky Baker

Cells at the MP Station

View from Bld 41 to Floessaustrasse.
My name is Mike Miller.
I live in Lexington Kentucky where I am an Information Technology Administrator for the Kentucky Department of Corrections. I was a Radio Teletype Operator for the 1st/94th Field Artillery (1st Armored Division) stationed from December 1971 to April 1973 at William O. Darby in what is now Building 41.
From the looks of the current photos much has changed. I remember the NCO Club (The Fourty Niner), Kalb Community Theater, main PX, Grafenwoehr and of course the infamous Nuernburg Wall. I loved Bavaria because the hills reminded me of home in Eastern Kentucky. I remember going to the 1972 Olympics and the original Octoberfest in Munich. I participated in several volksmarsch's in surrounding communities where I had a chance to meet and talk to the locals. I also remember spending Sunday afternoons at Soldiers Field eating bratwurst and watching the fraulines. Good memories.
I hope someday maybe to visit Nuernburg and Fuerth again. I have included a few pictures I took in 1972. I hope they will be of interest. August 18, 2004

above: Bld. No. 1 HQ

left: Chapel

far left on top: Entrance view of Stage 13

below: Entrance to bowling alley

above: Darby gym


Pictures from Carlton Hamrick


Detailed Information about the renovation of the old buildings.
("Fuerther Nachrichten" from
10 April 2003)

Row below: Thanks to Karen and Larry Kernohan who sent me those pictures from 1970-71

A little personal testimonial

"Little did many of us know that this service in Germany, in a "cold war", would lead to the reunification of our host country, the Germans. Patience and understanding were required by Germans and Americans alike during the cold war.
But my experience was very positive over all, and it is ALL THE MORE positive now that the Berlin wall fell. That the facilities are being converted to peaceful German development is testimony to the progress we all wanted to see happen in such joint efforts. To me that is even better than any trips "down memory lane" as Americans would put it.
Very soon I will go to visit a daughter living in Leipzig! What a difference a few years, and joint efforts, can make! Soon, I will see where courageous east-block citizens did the final work for freedom. That would have been unheard of in the time of my service there. May all present and future joint efforts be as fruitful, and reflect the same patience and understanding to and from each other."

Sincerely! George Hall, SP-5, 182nd LEM (fall 1968, to January 1971)

T he night picture is of the 182nd LEM shop office area, at night, during a new snow. At the time we were next to 14th Finance, the building number I do not know.

George Hall (SP5, fall 1968-- January 1971)

Left: WODK 182nd 3rd floor glimpse

The upper picture gives a look down the long 3rd floor hallway. To the left were windows that overlooked the Strasse. To the right were the rooms that housed the men of the 182nd, and overlooked the shop area for the company. It was from one of these windows that the night shot of the shop office was taken. A look at the luxurious beds and furnishings should reassure the present residents that the "good old days" were yet to come!
The men were, from left to right, Paul Smith, "Smitty" (Aurora, IL), David Jarvela (Upper MI) and Scott Rottner (Long Island, NY). Each of these good men were part of a group that was in the regular good graces of Martha's guesthaus, diagonally across the intersection nearest to the 511th MI. The scene itself seems to have the men having some healthy good fun at someone's expense in that album.

Above: WODK 182nd Main Bldg 1969

T his picture is of the main building for the 182nd LEM in 1969 before a restructuring decision caused a relocation to Merrill Barracks, Nurnberg city. In the foreground can be seen many of the Generators and company trucks. For an orientation, realize that the 14th Finance was on the left, and the 511th MI was on the right. The shop office for service orders and communication was off the pictcure to the right. Behind me as I took the photo were the several platoon service and repair areas. For a peek into the third floor of the building, just left of center, see the accompanying photo.

Right: WODK 182nd area grounds 1969

The orientation of this picture is easy once the buildings are identified. In the upper left of the picture one sees the lower right on the 182nd LEM main building. The upper right building, behind the fence, is one of the buildings of the 511th Military Intelligence, whose area is at the intersection of two streets behind it toward the right. In the foreground is myself, with the typical area of trucks, generators and equipment serviced by the unit. The shop office would be just to the left of the one taking the picture. In charge of the shop office at the time was a WO whose real name I now forget, but he was humorously, and privately of course, known as "jumpin' Jack Flash", for his energetic approach to his duties! Behind me, and between the shop area and the main building is our gate that separated the unit trucks from the service area.


WODK motor pool area 1969

The bumper markings are clear, and the year is either 1969 or 1970. In front of the 5 ton Wrecker is its operator, Mark Price, of Michigan. The Motor Pool was located at the far end of the shop area, away from the office. The Motor Sgt. was a popular man named Sgt. Morrel.



Edited 25 Feb 2008

The following pictures are from John Curea, Youngstown, Ohio.

They date from the mid-fifties of the last century.


Below: along Bld. 41 at Floessaustrasse

Above and left: John Curea.

View from Bld. 41

Below: two contemporary pictures from downtown Nuernberg.

Snack Bar Twilight EM Club

Photos from  Maurice Fialkoff in 1949.




Declaration of
Just recently I received a lot of photos from Fuerth in 1945. They were taken by Jerry Pinkowski and  discovered by his grandson, Scott Pinkowski. Thank you very much, Scott.
More about Jerry Pinkowski's photos  you'll find on this very Interesting homepage.

View to the west towards Steubenstraße. Most of the photos presumably were taken from an early radio tower.

View towards the south. The clock tower on the right  is on top of the later library.

The later Hardenberg Gymnasium is in the back.

View to the north, with the Floessaustrasse in front and the Ludwigstrasse on the left.

Around the later bowling alley.

At Steubenstrasse in front of the later NCO Club.

Again at Steubenstrasse, view in the opposite direction as before.

At Steubenstrasse, with the later NCO Club in the back.

In the backyards of Darby, somewhere around the building later used as a chapel.

There must have existed a swimming pool in the same area, maybe built by the German Wehrmacht as a pond for fire fighting water.

Parade at Floessaustrasse, opposite of the later chapel building.


Bld. No 1 in the lower left


Right: 1944: The medium part of Darby Kaserne. Some buildings in the lower middle were damaged after being bombed.

Above: In the Fifties: the construction of the Kalb Housing area had just begun. Darby Kaserne at the bottom.

The parade field in the thirties.

Left: Bld. 12 in the middle.
Middle and right: Bld. 1 has not been uilt yet.

Above and this line: the Steubenstrasse (unpaved) in the thirties. Above: the gate of the later MP building.
Right: the later NCO Club building.

All pictures from the Bauamt Fürth.

Building 41 at the beginning of the 20th century

The education center

The building along Balbierer-strasse, built in 1910

Photos from before WW1:
Swearing-in ceremony (later Bld. 41 in the back)

March in review in the infield

Artillery training 2nd Battery

Training with a field kitchen at the Hainberg

Officer's Club Dining Hall



I received the photos above from Günter Scheuerer who copied them from: