William O. Darby Kaserne Fuerth

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Photos from 2002 until 24th of May 2009
24th of May 2009 at Darby.

The last free places at the west end will be covered or renovated.
Left: The building along Steubenstraße and the backyard where the radio tower was located.

The former real estate office at Steubenstraße with the NCO club in the back.

The real estate office with the Café Zion in the back at Steubenstraße, where some leftovers meet.

No more tanks allowed here!
An University will be located at Darby ("Fürther Nachrichten" from 19 February 2009).
The bowling alley at the right and the chapel in the back.

The second building at the right was the AFN studio.

The junction Fronmueller- (from the left) and Magazinstrasse. The new buildings are a church and a retirement home (here stood the laundry).
Pictures from 20 July 2008 - The eastern part of Darby Kaserne.

If you want to visit Fuerth and its kaserns you can stay overnight in the former CIA buldings at Darby.
Hotel Prima Vera (right)

Bld 88

Bld 84

Bld 84

Bld 82A and the former garages.

Bld 82A.

Bld 82A

A senior people's home at the corner of Fronmueller and Waldstrasse.

Bld 50.

Bld 73.

Bld 73.

A roundabout in front of the PX.

The former Commissary, now a garden center.

At Fronmuellerstrasse.

The last old building behind the former Commissary.

The last car dealer at Waldstrasse.

Real estate offers everywhere at Darby.

Bld 82C, formerly horse stables. The Burger King parking lot at Waldstrasse in front.

Bld 82C, you can still tie your horses there.

Bld 82C from the back.

A hare at the parking lot of Burger King in front of Bld. 82C.
28 May 2008:
A real estate company bought the 6000 square meter area around the former radio tower which was out of operation already for a long time. 
A bandsaw will cut segments that will be  brought down by a big crane.

The AFN Tower and the renovated NCO Club.

The renovated bowling alley.

The former real estate office near the AFN tower.
 Pictures taken on 28 May 2008.  
Even the "Stars and Stripes" canterbury has been removed.
The tower will be cut down piece by piece.
A strange mixture between old and new buildings behind the NCO Club.

Pictures from 13 August 2007:

One of the last few corners under renovation, between Sommer- and Floessaustrasse. Bld 43 (right) and Bld 42 (far right).
Below: Bld 50 at the former entrance gate at Balbiererstrasse..

The NCO Club will be converted into apartments (7 June 2007).


27 May 2007

The big warehouse Bld 27 south of the "Yellow Rose" (see left corner at the picture below, together with Bld 39) at Floessaustrasse is converted into apartments.

The Pizza Hut at fronmüllerstrasse - still there.

Bld 1 - the former headquarter

The flag poles in front of Bld 1

Bld 1 - after the soccer world championships


Bld 72 (above, below) gets completely new interior work and penthouses.

Bld 77 - the south eastern corner is one of the last places being converted at Darby.

Bld 65A( above), Bld 65B (below and below left)

Pictures taken on 26 November 2006

Far Right: Two aereal pictures from 1930 (Stadtarchiv Fürth) and from 2006 (Hajo Dietz) with Darby on the right side.

Right: Bld. 77 will be converted in 100 lofts. See "Fürther Nachrichten" from 20 April 2006.

Aerial pictures from 2005 by Hajo Dietz from www.nuernbergluftbild.de

Bld 41 consists of two independent parts.

The former gym is on the right side.

In the northeastern part of Darby a hotel is planned (see "Fürther Nachrichten" from 21 December 2005 and "Fuerther Stadtzeitung" from 18 January 2006).


Link to the
511 Military Intelligence Company


Bld 90 (right and below), Bld 83 (left).

Bld 85, the former CIA office
Left: Col. Brian T. Boyle, Fürth Lord Mayor Dr. Thomas Jung and Consul General Mathew M. Rooney (from left) after unveiling the plaque.
Right: The reception afterwards was held in the "Grüne Halle", the former darby Gym.
The City of Fürth published a book about the conversion that was handed to the guests (far right).
(pictures from the City of Fürth - BMPA)
An idea which had been discussed on the board of the German-American Men's Club years ago now has become true! Ten years after the closure of this last caserne in Fürth used by the U.S. Army Dr. Thomas Jung, the Lord Mayor of the City of Fürth together with the American Consul General, Mathew M. Rooney and with the Commander of Grafenwoehr, Col. Brian T. Boyle, unveiled a commemorative plaque at Darby Kaserne. The Kaserne has in the meantime successfully been converted into a housing area.The City Government celebrated this conversion and at the same time reminded of the soliers that served here for peace and freedom during the Cold War.
The plaque says: "In freundschaftlicher und dankbarer Erinnerung an die hier zwischen 1945 und 1995 stationierten amerikanischen Soldaten Sie halfen, den Frieden zu sichern." (In friendly and thankful remembrance of the American soldiers stationed here between 1945 and 1995. They contributed to keeping peace in Europe.).
("Fuerther Nachrichten" from 20 December 2005 and "Fuerther Stadtzeitung" from 18 January 2006).
The plaque (below left) is located at the end of Isaak-Loewi-Strasse (below, at the wall at the right).

6 November 2005: a sunny but cold day at Darby Kaserne - or "Steubenkarree", as it is called now (this means Steuben block or Steuben square).
About two thirds of the area are converted into a housing area.

Around building No. 41 clockwise


On the left: the white building is the former gym. Now we'll be looking around it (next row):
to the south, to the west,

Left: Germany has occupied the Kaserne.

The infield: The two buildings will be connected and used by a music school (above).

The "Suedstadtpark" will be improved with more trees and the repair of damages throuh vandalism ("Fuerther Nachrichten" from 21 November 2005.)

Below: The parade field in front of Bld No. 1

Renovation of Bld No. 1

Bld No. 1 - one old door is left

Below: in front of Bld No. 1

Bld No. 1 - the new doors

Below: at Steubenstraße


The former NCO Club at Steubenstraße is sold and ill be renovated. In the backyard hoses will be built. (see link).

Compare these four pictures with those taken on 11 June 2004 - between Building 18 and 21

Some more impressions...

Above and right: the former "Yellow Rose" at Floessaustrasse is closed now.


Left: the former warehouse may also be converted to appartments.

Opening the "Südstadtpark":
On 24 September 2004 the park in the middle of the former Darby Kaserne was opened for public for the first time.
The 100,000 square meters offer lots of space for picnics, playgrounds for younger and older children.
(Pictures in this row from 25 July, below from 25 September 2004).

You recognize your former gym?

Below: the gym on the left, Bld 41 in the background

Above and right: a retirement home is built along Steubenstrasse.

Compare this picture with the one four rows below

This row: Building 41.
Above: from Floessaustrasse

The nice appartments inside Bld 41 are already sold.

You see in the middle of ths picture that the stairs have completely been removed

Other parts of Darby are also under renovation:

Left: the former POV Inspection
(Pictures from 25 July 2004)

The gym at Darby in now a covered market

Inside the former gym (all pictures from 11 June 2004).

View to Bld. 41 at Floessau-strasse, partially renovated.

Bld. 41 under renovation

View from the gym to the south


The buildings between the NCO Club and the Public Affairs Office at Steubenstrasse have been removed (office of "Sentinel").

In front of Bld. 18, a nice garden.

Bld. 18.

Between Bld. 21 and 18.

All pictures from 11 June 2004.

Above: The appartments around the parade field in front of Bld. 1 are renovated.
Left: The famous "Stars and Stripes" newsstand at Steubenstrasse is still equipped with the latest editions

Above: the former gym is now a covered market. The radio tower lost all its antennas.


Above: the infield between Floessau- and Froenmuellerstrasse has been changed into a big park.

In fall the park will be opened with a festivity. Playgrounds and benches will be installed.



All pictures from 1 April 2004








Above and right:
winter impressions of Darby Kaserne on 2 January 2004. A huge park is fenced in in the middle, many trees are planted

The city building authorities bet that Bld. No. 41 (above), the 210 m building along Floessaustrasse, will be the last one sold. But they were wrong. A property developers company bought it and intends to seperate it into 10 blocks with totally 147 appartments. The stairs will be moved to Floessaustrasse, elevators will be built in, balconies will be added. See "Fuerther Nachrichten" from 16 September 2003.
Above right: the former gymnasium will be rebuilt into a covered market (pictures from 25 September 2003).
17 August 2004:
Below: 1=former laundry, 2=main gate Steubenstrasse, 3=High School.
Right: Shopping Center at the former gas station (in the middle)


Left: Main gate (No 2 in the areal picture) at 25 September 2003.

A park streches between Fronmueller und Floessaustrasse in the middle of Darby Kaserne. 350 trees will be planted. The villa in the middle is not yet sold but in the former gym a covered market will be openend
Fuerther Nachrichten" from 29 July 2003)
In 1995 the last Americans who left the chapel at Darby Kaserne in Fürth prayed that one day the praise of God will here be sung again.
Now, on 6 July 2003 the "Freie Christengemeide Fuerth" celebrated its opening ceremony after a long time of renovation.

Below and below right:
At the corner of Steuben- and Floessau-strasse - just beside the chapel - is the islamic center which is also about being renovated.

29 May 2003:
Many of the old buildings at Darby are renovated, new appartments and lofts are built in. The cleared areas between buildings see new houses.

All the following pictures from that same date.

The road behind the former main gate

Area behind the former NCO Club

The NCO Club (above)
The former chapel (left)
Around the former AFN Building (left and middle). View from Floessaustrasse to the South.

"Stars and Stripes" - still available

Around the Radio tower

Right: view from Floessaustrasse to Bld 41.

Far right: the former chapel which undergoes a renovation. The benches are stored outside but covered. New appartments along Floessaustrasse in the back.

The gym on the left     View to the gym and Bld 41

The new roadnames

Modernised appartments are advertised in the buildings surrounding the infield in front of Bld. No 1
("Fuerther Nachrichten" 26 Oct. 2002)

Left: General building plan for Darby Kaserne (April 2002). New street names and a big park in the middle.

The former gymnasium - built in 1934 - shall become a covered market for vegetables, fruit, fish and cheese.
("Fuerther Nachrichten" 4 Feb 2003)

A delegation of Chinese builders from the Shandong area visits Darby Kaserne to investigate modern ecological and economical living.
("Fuerther Nachrichten" 11 March 2003)

Article from 23 July 2002:
The soil for the park admidst the Darby Kaserne is prepared.
20 000 cubic meters of earth have been moved, more than half of it had to be decontaminated.
Plantation will start next year and the park is planned to be openend in September 2002 when the grass and the 350 lime trees are grown.

"Fuerther Nachrichten" from 23 July 2002

15 September 2002
View from the former laundry

15 September 2002
The eastern corner at Waldstrasse. The Burger King has been on the far right.

In 1890 four wooden barracks were erected on Steuben Strasse, Fuerth for the 1st  and 4th Battalion of the 14th Infantry Regiment which had been activated by King Max I of Bavaria in 1814. These barracks were the foundation for a caserne complex named Sedan Kaserne that was later enlarged by two additional caserns, the Artillery and Train Kasernes, constructed between 1900 and 1907. In 1934 the Sedan Kaserne Komplex was acquired by the Deutsche Reich.
Areal Picture
Sedan Kaserne, Artillery Kaserne and Train Kaserne were confiscated by the U.S. Army in April 1945. The 26th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division moved into the caserns on 25 July 1945.

AFN Radio

95th Quartermaster Battalion

14th Finance Group Fuerth, Germany

The caserne complex was officially designated on 29 March 1949 as William O. Darby Kaserne in honor of Brigadier General William O. Darby of the 10th Infantry Mountain Division who was killed in action on 30 April 1945 in Tarbole, Italy.

Designation declaration
(25 March 1949) from the USAREUR Historical Archive (by Gene Kuentzler).

17 February 2002 - The new houses are placed on the former gas station
Building 41 19 June 1994
Darby 00-06-02
Building 41 2 June 2000
The 26th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division moved into Darby Kaserne on 25 July 1945. Since its confiscation in 1945 until 1995, all headquarters of the former Nordbayern District and the Nuernberg Military Community as well as the 99th ASG and the 416th BSB have been located at Darby Kaserne Fuerth.
From the aerial photo, the left and right "thirds" of the Kaserne remain much as they were. The AFN Tower of Power still stands. Most of the buildings in the middle "third" have been removed, and construction of new appartments is underway there.
Col. Norman McLellan unfurls the flag of the 99th ASG on 12 May 1991 in the Darby Gym


15 September 2002

17 February 2002 -View from Steubenstrasse to Gate 2

17 February 2002 - The former library

17 February 2002 - Bld 12