Merrell Barracks Nuremberg

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Merrell Date unknown

Areal picture from 1940 (*)
Pictures from the backyard (9 November 2008).

Right: A huge furniture store on the east wing
Below: The canteen behind the exit to the backard..

Above and below: Impressions of the Z-building.
Who has photos from inside or outside the former Merrell Barracks?
A disco in the so called "Z-building" wants some.
Address see

Right: Aerial picture by Hajo Dietz  ( from 2005 with the new furnizure store in front.
  The huge furniture store with 100,000 square meters and 400 jobs will open in November. In the upper right corner you see the left wing of Merrell Bks.
(Fuerther Nachrichten from 29 September 2004).

20 May 2004:
A huge furniture store (XXXL Lutz) will be built at the northwestern corner of Merrell Barracks.

15 September 2002:
The front side is looking pretty green and renovated.
The backside is almost emtpty besides a few buildings.


Pictures from Cecil Simpson
(14 April 2004)

Right: Locals working to keep Merrell Bks looking good (my wife in foreground, native of Nuernberg)

Above: 45th Ordnance Company

Motor pool in the early 80ies


Pictures from Mike Manos

right: patch of the 2nd Support Command
far right: patch of the 71st Maintenance Battalion.


"I enjoyed viewing your web site. You did not have many photos pre 1993. I have a few from my stay Dec. 65 - June 67. Thanks for help keeping the good memories alive."

Joe Rainwater. Shreveport, Louisiana.
(4 August 2004)

Photos: Chester Hodge

Photo by Chet Rietheimer.

The Sued Kaserne (locally known as SS Kaserne) was constructed as part of a Nazi Party complex, including the Congress Hall, Zeppelin Field (site of the Nuernberg Party rallies) and a large athletic stadium. The caserne was built to house a SS Signal School and a SS Signal Reserve Regiment. Troops from the installation were also used to support the Nuernberg rallies. The SS Signal Regiment occupied Sued Kaserne until 1944.

The installation was seized by American troops in April 1945 and renamed
Merrell Barracks after Private Joseph F. Merrell, Company I, 25th Infantry, 2nd Infantry Division who has been awarded

Pictures from George Hall, thank you very much (Feb 2008).
"Having served in the 182nd LEM, we were first at WODK, then at Merrill Barracks. The left picture is a fairly close look at those straffing marks on the front of Merrill Barracks in the summer of 1970."
George Hall (SP5, fall 1968-- January 1971)

Merrill Bks 1970
This view, and its orientation, seem self-explanatory. The "Mess Hall" as featured at the left is/was at the right (as one would the main building from inside the grounds) of the large main building. In the foreground is the directional sign for 182nd, and in the background says the rest!

Merrill Bks 1970 Parade Field.
This shot is taken with a telephoto lens from the 3rd floor of the main Merrill Barracks building. A portion of the German Border Guard (BGS) pays a visit their American friends. This is/was at the center of the parade field. The flag pole is clearly seen at the lower right. This may have been in conjunction with one of those very early joint exercises by NATO partners.
the Congressional Medal of Honor (posthumously) for heroic actions near Lohe, Germany on 18 April 1945. After having been the home of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment for almost a half century, Merrell Barracks was vacated and returned to the German Government in September 1992 after redeployment of the Regiment to the United States in July 1992.
Declaration of MERRELL BKS on 11 May 1949.

Picture from Mike Manos

Return from the Golf War, May 1991 (*)

1945 (*)

(*) pictures from "Ein Gebäude..." (see Literature)