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18 and 19 September 2021
Monteith Barracks and Darby Kaserne - 4 Guided Tours
As part of the "Stadtverführungen"

11 July 2021 
Fürth Pirates - Season Opening 
All former members of the GAMC were invited to join the traditional season opening of the Baseball team in the 2. Bundesliga. The remaining money of the GAMC account was donated to the Fürth Pirates, one of the few memories of the Americans in Fuerth.

15 October 2020 - Lecture "Kasernen in Fürth" 
Lecture about the history of the caserns in Fuerth as part of the annual programm of the Geschichtsverein Fuerth.

12 October 2020 - 
Social get-together Landgasthof Popp 

20 former members of the former GAMC met for a social get-together. We enjoyed excellent food and had nice conversations.

17 September 2020 - Guided Tour Monteith 
As part of the Stadtverführungen two guided tours through Monteith Barracks were offered.

20 January 2020 - 50th Anniversary
Last Membership Meeting

The GAMC celebrated its 50th anniversary in a final Membership Meeting. It was founded in 1970 by Germans, Americans and members of the area's Military Communities. The purpose was bringing together Germans, Americans and English speaking people of other nations to promote and foster greater appreciation of both nations traditions, customs, history and Culture. For 25 years the GAMC accomplished this very successfully.
After the drawdown of the Nuernberg Military Community the remaining members continued the activities up to today. As the number of members dropped continuously over the last two decades the membership decided that the GAMC's "Mission was completed". The meeting on 20 January 2020 was attended by 26 members, 24 of them voted for closing the club. The Lord Mayor of Fuerth, Dr. Thomas Jung, thanked the club for its 50 years of successful activities. (Photo: Gutbier) 

A chronicle about the GAMC's history was published: "Mission Completed". As there are still many friendships between the former members they will meet occasionally in the future (see "Forthcoming Events").
Report "Fürther Nachrichten" from 30 January 2020.

20  November 2019 - Thanksgiving Dinner

At Rainer's Restaurant in Boxdorf we for the very last time enjoyed a delicious turkey, side dishes and cakes.

14 September 2019 - Family Picnic

For the last time Uli and Norbert invited us to their home in Fürth-Stadeln for the traditional “Family Picnic”. The first one the GAMC organized took place on 3 September 1972 at Rüttelsdorf. Traditionally we had Hamburgers, corn-on-the cob and Franconian beer. In commemoration of our former presidet Abbie Simon Uli hat prepared Chili.

9 July 2019 - Ceremonial Day

The DAI Nürnberg invited us to a ceremonial evening on behalf of the Independence Day. Prof. Falke and Dr. Fraas said farewell to the DAI program manager, Kathleen Röber, who will leave the DAI. Guest speaker was Meghan Gregonis, the American consul general from Munich.

Saturday, 18 May 2019 - Fuerth Pirates 
It was a beautiful day for a ball game when the Fürth Pirates celebrated their home opener on May 18th. In front of a large crowd, including numerous members of the German American Men´s Club of Middle Franconia, Mayor Markus Braun performed a perfect first pitch.
At the end of the day, the Pirates had added two more wins (11:4 and 7:0) and secured their leading position in the southern group of the Bayernliga.

28 March 2019 - Ludwig-Erhard Museum Fürth
Our excellent tour guide, Dr. Reiss, informed us not only about the life of the former chancellor Ludwig Erhard, who was born in Fuerth. She also explained the economical and political environment that made Erhard an expert in the social market economy. After the tour we enjoyed an excellent dinner in the newly renovated "Grüner Baum".
23 January 2019 - Membership Meeting
Although we had bad weather with heavy snowfall 25 members attended the meeting. Our president Marco reviewed the last year's activities and gave a preview about the plannings for 2019 (details and dates will follow). After the treasurer's and the auditor's reports the elections of the Board followed which brought no changes. We enjoyed excellent food and service at the DJK Fürth Gaststätte.
21 November 2018 - Thanksgiving Dinner
At Rainer's Restaurant in BoxdorfWe had pumpkin soup, turkey with stuffing, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts and cranberries. As dessert cakes and coffee were served.
Here you can see the slideshow:
21 and 22 September 2018
Guided tours "Klein-Amerika" in line with the "Stadt(ver)führungen".
13 September 2018 - "Die Amerikaner in Fürth"
Vernissage of the exhibition "Die Amerikaner in Fürth" -
Many people were interested, when the Lord Mayor of Fürth, Dr. Thomas Jung, and the commander of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment in Vilseck, Col. Thomas Hough, opened the exhibition. Report on "Fürther Nachrichten"

17 July 2018 - 4th of July, a little later
4th of July celebration with the DAI at the Tucher Schloss. 

7 July 2018 - Family Picnic
The Friemelt family hostet us for our traditional picnic and served food and drinks. We had a great time in their cozy pergola.
5 June 2018 - Social get-together
We met at the "Grüner Brauhaus" in Fürth and had a delicious dine-out in this unique restaurant
6 May 2018 - Fuerth Pirates- Season Opening
The Fuerth Pirates and their president Georg Barth welcomed us to their Baseball Season Opening. Hamburgers, coffee and beverages were served for our members who attended. The Pirates won their two games - congratulations. 

24 January 2018Membership Meeting
At the membership meeting the election of parts of the Board brought no changes in the team. Our president Marco thanked all Board members for their work during the last year. The 2018-program was announced. We enjoyed delicious Leberkäse and Bratwürste at the restaurant DJK Fürth.

22 November 2017Thanksgiving Dinner
We welcomed 25 members and guests at Rainer's Restaurant in Boxdorf for our annual Thanksgiving Dinner. We had an excellent turkey and cakes. Thank you to all who supported this evening.
21 October 2017 - Wine Tasting
We tasted excellent wines from the Peter Götz winery, presented by our Board member Norbert. He and Uli had prepared an excellent meal with cheese and sausages. Thank you very much to our hosts.

14 October 2017 - German-American Day Bamberg
We were invited to the GA Day by the International Women's Club Bamberg. We enjoyed the presentation of the Lucius D. Clay Medal at the Spiegelsaal and the reception for the 70th anniversary of the IWC at the Hotel Residenzschloss. Thank you for the invitation and congratulations to the IWC. 

8 September 2017 - Tour through Darby
Our Vice President Bernd guided us through parts of Darby Kaserne in Fürth and explained the history and the conversion of the facilities. Afterwards we had a social get-together at the near-by “China Star”.  

5 July 2017 - DAI Reception 4th of July
The GAMC was invited to join the DAI reception for the 4th of July at the Tucher Castle and we were one of the big groups there. Brig. General  Antonio A. Aguto (photo) was one of the speakers.

1 July 2017 - Family Picnic
Thank you to Norbert and his family for hosting us (about 20 members and their friends) in their cozy pergola. We had lots of drinks and fantastic spare ribs, chicken wings and Hamburgers.

3 June 2017 - Invitation by the testimon Verlag
Two veterans, Tom Spahr and Bob Potter, who had served in Merrell Barracks talked about their memories and supported the request of the testimon publishers to name a street in Nuernberg after Sgt. Stephen Mosbacher.

11 May 2017 - Social Get-Together
As our last social get-together in September 2016 was a great success we met again at the Lederer Kulturbrauerei and had a nice evening there.

9 April 2017 - Fuerth Pirates - Season Opening

We joined the Season Opening of the Fuerth Pirates Baseball Team. The weather was excellent, food and beverages were served by Ingrid, Georg an their team. 

7 February 2017 - Exhibition Karl IV

Emperor Charles IV is one of the most important and multi-faceted rulers in Bohemian and German history. To mark his 700th birthday, the Germanisches National Museum is holding an exhibition, that more than 20 of our members and friends visited. The interesting guided tour was followed by a social get-together at the "Barfüsser" (Mauthalle).

December 2016

23 January 2017 - Membership Meeting
The annual membership meeting at the DJK Fuerth restaurant was attended by 25 members. After a delicious buffet, a review of the 2016-season and the treasurer's report the re-election of the positions in the Board brought no changes. We continued with a social get-together in the cozy restaurant of the DJK Fürth.

23 November 2016 - Thanksgiving Dinner
Cécile Schuknecht has managed that the local celebrity chef, Rainer Mörtel,  createdThanksgiving Dinner exclusively for us. We enjoyed a delicious turkey with lots of side dishes, and excellent cakes, prepared by our ladies. 

15 October 2016 - Wine Tasting

Franconian wines and Häckerbrotzeit were served by Uli and Norbert. We had a nice and "gemütliche" evening. Thank you very much to our hosts.

8 October 2016 - Amerikahaus

The GAMC has a long lasting connection with the DAI. During  their Open-door day "70 years Amerikahaus Nuernberg" we presented a lecture about the first ten years of the US Army in Fuerth.

30 September 2016 - Social Get-Together
For a long missed social get-together and for planning further events we visited the "Lederer Kulturbrauerei". It was an enjoyable evening with excellent food. We'll repeat that

16 September 2016 - 70 years DAI
The GAMC cngratulates the DAI for its 70th anniversary. As sponsors we were invited to the Gala Abend at the Heilig-Geist-Saal. We enjoyed an excellent mixture of history, future aspects and entertainment, organized by Kathleen Röber, Prof. Andreas Falke and their team.

10 July 2016 - Family Picnic
More than 20 members and guests met for our traditional Family Picnic at Uli's and Norbert's home in Fürth-Stadeln and enjoyed hamburgers and spare ribs, prepared by Norbert and Thomas. In the afternoon Uli and Norbert offered us cakes and coffee. Thank you very much to our hosts.

5 July 2016 - Independence Day Party
The GAMC joined the Independence Day Party of the DAI at the Tucher Schloss in Nuernberg with the U.S. Consul General from Munich, Mrs. Gavito. 
13 May 2016 -"How was it back then?"
The "Löwenbar" had been a hot and dark place with heavy fights among GIs in the fifties, before in 1955 the Gustavstraße was declared "Off Limits" for all Americans. Now more than 50 people showed up and contributed as
contemporary witnesses to the discussion about the presence of Americans in Fuerth between 1945 and 1995.

8 May 2016 -Season Opening of the Fuerth Pirates

As GAMC members we visited the season opening of the Fuerth Pirates at their first game in the 2. Bundesliga. Our Board Member and President of the Fuerth Pirates, Georg Barth, welcomed the guests.

No more e-mail newsletters

As we decided during our last membership meeting, the GAMC will no longer publish and mail a regular newsletter as in the past years. Our communication platform of the future will be the Internet. The membership and our corresponding members will be informed about changes in our homepage by short e-mails. 
December 2015

18 January 2016 - Membership Meeting

We welcomed 28 Members of our club in the restaurant "Zur DJK" in Fürth. After a delicious buffet our president Marco explained the reduced activities of the GAMC due to less participation of our members. We decided to open the Board meetings to all members ("Open Board Meetings") to increase the number of social contacts and to be open for new ideas. In the future our members will be informed about events only by short e-mails referring to more information on our homepage and a letter note for those few without Internet. The dues will be 20 Euro per person and year from 2016 on. Norbert Friemelt as treasurer submitted his report on the figures of 2015. Dietmar Lehmann confirmed the correctness of the balance. The report was accepted by the audience unanimously together with authorization for both to continue these tasks for 2016.Our Board members recommended for re-election, Eva Flasche, Heinz Stahlschmidt and Bernd Jesussek, were accepted unanimously. 
October 2015

26 October 2015

We were guests of the DAI (German-American Institute, Nurnberg) on a bus tour to Vilseck and Grafenwöhr. Franz Zeilmann from the Public Affairs Office presented us the 2nd ACR with the Reed Museum and a M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle. At the airfield we could inspect a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter. Thank you to our organizer Friedrich Geyer, our guide Franz and the many soldiers who answered our many questions.
August 2015

12 September 2015 - "Weinprobe" with "Häckerbrotzeit" at Norbert's and Uli's garden in Stadeln

June 2015
28 July 2015 - Book presentation at Monteith Barracks
Mrs. Kerstin Trimble presented her book "Transgression" at Chong's Restaurant at the Golf Park Fürth. T he story tells about an unequal German-American couple fighting for their difficult love around the Merrell Barracks in the 1950s, and a gang of genuine Nuremberg "Frecker" whose forays into the post-war city engage them in precarious cloak and dagger operations.

19 July 2015 - Visit of O'Brien Barracks Schwabach 

Our president Marco guided 20 participants (only two of them were GAMC members) through the converted post of the US Army and explained the changes, adding some private experiences. After the tour we saw a very interesting demonstration of a gold-beater in the Stadtmuseum.
May 2015
13 June 2015 - Family Garden Party 
The picnic was hosted by the Friemelt family in their garden. Thank you very much for the excellent evening.
March 2015
19 April 2015 - G.I. Joe liberates Nuernberg 
70 years after the US Army reached Nuernberg, we followed a guided tour by Susanne Rieger who told us
at the original locations about the last three days of fighting in Nuernberg. Later in the evening we participated in a commemorative meeting at the Soldier's Field where we remined of the American soldiers who were killed here during these days (above: our board member Georg Barth). More photos on our facebook entries. 

28 March 2015 - Discussion "Ways out of the Ukraine crisis"
Two of our members followed the invitation of Consul General William E. Moeller (left) for a discussion forum together with Dr. Shetsova (Brooking Institution) and Mr. Voigt (former MdB). Many detailed aspects of the crisis and positions of the governments involved were discussed.
January 2015

20 January 2015 - Annual Membership Meeting
We had a delicious Franconian Buffet at the Restaurant "Zur Hardhöhe" in Fürth. Our president Marco summarized the past season with its 14 (!) events and gave a preview about the planning for 2015. Unfortunately the number of members that are joining our extensively prepared events is decreasing, so we are thinking about reducing the number of events. The Board has some ideas for 2015 and will publish them soon.
The 23 members attending the meeting voted unanimously for the continuation of the  Board members in service and thanked them, especially our president Marco, for their work.

December 2014

10 December 2014
Visit of the Gerhard Richter exhibition in Nuernberg. 
Our boardmember Eva Flasche has reached a confirmed booking for a guided tour especially for us of the Gerhard-Richter-Exhibition at the Neues Museum Nürnberg.

November 2014

23 November 2014 - Thanksgiving Dinner
For the first time we celebrated our traditional Thanksginving Dinner at the Huckleberry Finn's in Fuerth. We enjoyed a delicious turkey with sweet potatoes and stuffing and finished the dinner with an excellent apple pie. For photos visit the GAMC on facebook.

October 2014

25th of October 2014 - Consumenta Nuernberg
The Consumenta 2014 in Nuernberg was a great success for the GAMC. We made lots of contacts. A very big THANK YOU to all volunteers at the stand.

5th of October 2014 - Ansbach Kaserns
After several attempts we finally succeeded in visiting USAG Ansbach, the home of the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade. On the bus tour, guided by Mrs. Sowders (PAO), we surrounded the airfield Katterbach and were impressed by the numerous military and housing installations. In Urlas Kaserne we saw the new hotel, the new housing area  and finished our tour with a lunch at the food court. 

25th to 27th September 2014 - Berlin
On the first day we were invited by the US Embassy. John Kastning of the political section discussed with us several items of the US-German relationship. The day ended with a meeting with "Hauptmann Voigt" at the Ratskeller Koepenick. The second the GAMC visited the "Alliierten Museum" in Dahlem. Then the 18 participants were welcomed in the "Bayerische Landesvertretung". After lunch there we visited the Deutsche Bundestag. On the way back at the 3rd day we enjoyed the nice weather at the "Gartenreich Wörlitz", a UNESCO world heritage. 
12 July 2014Family Picnic
For the first time we celebrated the traditional Family Picnic in Uli and Norbert Friemelts roomy garden in Stadeln. Our host supplied us with delicious hamburgers, corn on the cob and coffee and cakes. Not to forget beer, wine and softs drinks. Thank you very much, Uli and Norbert.
5 July 2014 - Reception of the DAI at the Tucher Schloss Nuernberg
Fourteen members of the GAMC listened to the speeches of Prof. Falke (Director of the DAI) and US Consul General Moeller about the German-American relationship.
June 2014
14 May 2014 - Leonardo da Vinci Nuernberg
We visited the most interesting exhibition and met afterwards for a social get-together.
April 2014

27 April 2014 - Season Opening of the Fürth Pirates - Despite the rainy weather nine members joined the season opening of the pirates - well organized by Georg Barth (our Board member, who is also president of the Pirates) and his team. The host team was very sucessful and won its two games that afternoon.

10 April 2014  - Seven members listened to the lecture of US-embassador John B. Emerson at the Amerika Haus in Munich about
"The German-American Relationship - Why they are more important than ever"
and the discussion that followed.
February 2014

25 February 2014 - Visit to the power plant in Nuernberg-Sandreuth
More than 20 members and friends of the German American Men`s Club of Middle Franconia participated in the visit to the N-ERGIE power plant in Nürnberg-Sandreuth. Two representatives of the local power supplier N-ERGIE explained where the energy comes from and how they see the future of energy supply in our region. They also put the focus on the planned energy transition in Germany and on the disputed east-west power-line.
Then an overview of the different types of generating energy at the Sandreuth powerplant
followed, such as heat from the nearby garbage incineration plant, gas and steam and woody debris. During a short brake, participants were offered open sandwiches and soft drinks. 
Devided into two groups we then took a tour of the impressive power plant to take a close look at everything. It was a very informative event.

21 January 2014
The General Membership Meeting at the Restaurant "Zur Hardhöhe" in Fürth started with an excellent Franconian buffet. It was attended by half of our membership which shows the great interest in our activities. Our members of the board, Eva Flasche, Helmut Humm, Heinz Stahlschmidt and Bernd Jesussek were reelected unanimously. The board reported about the past events of 2013 and gave an outlook for the events in 2014. 

December 2013
3 December 2013 - Christmas Tree Lighting
After the speeches of different commanders, the mayor from Grafenwöhr and the bilingual translations by Franz Zeilmann (PAO)  two school classes were performing and singing.  Then St. Claus arrived in a fire truck and presented the kids
November 2013

On 24 November 2013, 24 members, their families and friends gathered at our traditional Thanksgiving Dinner at the Mercure Hotel in Nürnberg-Wöhrder See. Again this year the plentiful buffet and the impressive turkey dishes were to our full satisfaction. We also enjoyed the opportunity of talks and chatting. Our appreciation goes to our member Peter Baumann who did the organization with the hotel management.

September 2013

19 October 2013
This year´s wine tour was attended by 30 members and friends. The weather was more than perfect for the purpose and met all criteria of Golden October. The first stop was at the Abtswind Herb Museum. The owner Horst Kaulfuss gave us a thrilling tour and an introduction to the secrets of the world of herbs and teas. 
At Hallburg Palace near Volkach we had our afternoon coffee break outdoors in the sun surrounded by the picturesque scenery of a franconian wine valley. The tour culminated in a wine tasting session at the Mösslein winery not far away in the village of Zeilitzheim. Reiner Mösslein, head of this small franconian family winery, entertained us with his wine selection and demonstrated creativity and diversity by presenting e.g. fresh cuvee wine designed for the Young Generation or his “Franconian Single Malt Whisky”. 
After a most enjoyable tour we returned full of new and unexpected impressions of the franconian wine region and all of us were very grateful to the Friemelt family who made the arrangements for the trip. 

19 September 2013 - US Consulate Munich
Consul General William E. Moeller cordially welcomed our group of 18 members and friends. He gave us most  interesting informations about the mission of the consulate in Munich and the importance of Bavaria for the U.S.
After the meeting most of us visited the  "Pinakothek der Moderne".

June 2013

29 August 2013
The GAMC and Kontakt Nuernberg followed the friendly invitation by the "Süddeutscher Schaustellerverband" for a fantastic American Day at the Volksfest Nuernberg. We enjoyed great food and had lots of fun with COL V. Torza and CSM M. Clowser (USAG Ansbach). More photos on Facebook.

5 July 2013
4th of July reception of the DAI in Nürnberg.

28 June 2013
As in the past years the number of assistants in our traditional "Family Picnic" (since 1972) almost came close to the decreasing number of appearing members, we decided this year to take part in the BBQ of the KONTAKT Club instead. Because of rainy weather we had to stay inside the AWO-Heim and had plenty of food, drinks and candy. A well arranged exhibition (thanks to Edith and Marco) displayed the past of the Nuremberg Military Community.
May 2013

5 May 2013
On 05 May 2013, 5 members followed the invitation of our member Georg Barth to the opening event of the 2013 baseball season at the Burgfarrnbach grounds of the Fürth Pirates. In addition the sports club celebrated its 25th anniversary, reason enough for good food and a number of other activities outside of the field. The Fürth Pirates again showed an impressive performance with many sports highlights and won even the second game with 8:6. Congratulations, Georg!

April 2013
20 April 2013
Schwäbisch Hall - We saw an interesting mixture of young history (German Luftwaffe and US Army at the "Flugplatzmuseum"), old history (city center, saltern) and Swabian beer and food ("Zum Löwen"). Photos see on Facebook.
March 2013
26 March 2013
Stuttgart -
More than 20 members of GAMC and KONTAKT joined the event. We visited Patch Barracks and the Panzerkaserne with the PX and the officers club, where we enjoyed an excellent lunch. Photos see on Facebook. 
January 2013
22 January 2013
Membership Meeting -
The annual General Membership Meeting was attended by 25 members and 3 guests. This is almost half of all our members. The Board thinks our membership deserves a big hug for such vivid participation in the club´s activities. It is also a great encouragement for the Board to continue their activities in organizing this year´s events. 
It was a great pleasure for Marco to appoint on behalf of the membership Franz Zeilmann to a Honorary Member of the GAMC. As Public Affairs Officer at Grafenwöhr he opened us many doors.
The following Board Members are in the middle of their two-year term and will continue to serve on the Board: Eva Flasche (Board Member), Helmut Humm (Board Member), Bernd Jesussek (Vice President), Heinz Stahlschmidt (Secretary), Peter Wahl (Board Member). The following Board Members were re-elected unanimously: Norbert Friemelt (Treasurer), Marco Frömter (President). The following members were unanimously elected as additional Board Members: Georg Barth (Board Member), Peter Baumann (Board Member).
Newsletter November 2012

29 November 2012
Grafenwöhr - Although we had terrible weather with snow, rain and wind we visited the PX and the MP station at Grafenwöhr resp. Rose Bks. We were cordially welcomed and the persons in charge informed us about their interesting work.

25 November 2012
Thanksgiving Dinner
We enjoyed a delicious lunch buffet at the Hotel Mercure. A cordially "Thank you" goes to our board member Helmut Humm, who had organized it and to Cécile Schuknecht who suggested some typical American recipes to the cook.
25 October 2012
We visited the "Stadtmuseum Ludwig Erhard" in Fürth. After a short introduction in Fürth's history the 22 members strolled through the interesting and informative exhibition. The evening ended in a dine-out with spare-ribs and hamburgers at the American-style restaurant "Our Place" in downtown Fürth. 
Newsletter September 20129 to 11 September 2012
Baumholder Garrison and Mosel Tour
Due to circumstances beyond our control the visit to Spangdahlem AFB had to be cancelled. Instead of that we were cordially invited by the U.S. Army to visit Baumholder Garrison.
Newsletter June 2012

1 July 2012 - Pleikershof Picnic
The traditional Pleikershof family picnic was attended by more than 40 members and friends in spite of the rainy weather. Fortunately we could use the spacious barn of the farm and had a wonderful time enjoying the outstanding spanferkel with local beer. The perfect team work of the Hornig and Friemelt families was highly appreciated by the crowd.

Newsletter May 2012

31 May 2012 - Guided tour at the Dürer exhibition.

To 27 members and family the Dürer Exhibition proved that it is worth it´s international attention. They had a fascinating tour, given by Frau Dr. Reiss of the Germanisches National Museum. She explained with competence and great engagement background and subtleties of the „early Dürer“-masterpieces. After the tour we gathered at the nearby restaurant „Zum Gulden Stern“, the oldest Bratwurst-place in Nürnberg. So its historic interior was the suitable note on which to end this fine event. Our Board member Eva Flasche had the idea and did the arrangements. Thank you, Eva!

On 6 May 21 members and friends travelled to Garmisch and stayed overnight at the Hotel Obermühle. The following day we visited the Edelweiss Lodge, a recreation center of the US Army, the Marshall European Center for Strategic Studies and the Artillery Kaserne, where we had a delicious lunch. Thank you to our friendly and supportive hosts and to our president Marco, who had built up the contacts and who had organized  everything.
Photos see under Facebook.

Newsletter April 2012

On 29. April, more than 10 members and their families followed the invitation of our member Georg Barth to the opening event of the 2012 baseball season at the Burgfarrnbach grounds of the Fürth Pirates. It was fascinating to watch this typical american sport and to see the great engagement of all participants of this event. Our thanks go to Georg, his wife and their team for the cordial reception and hospitality they gave to our club members. Photo 1, photo 2.

On 6./7. May, 21 members and friends travelled to Garmisch and stayed overnight at the Hotel Obermühle. The following day we visited the Edelweiss Lodge, a recreation center of the US Army and the Marshall European Center for Strategic Studies, which is usually not open to public visitors. A stroll through the Artillery Kaserne followed, where we had a delicious lunch. Thank you to our friendly and supportive hosts and to our president Marco, who over a long time had built up the contacts and who had organized everything. Photos on facebook.

Newsletter February 2012On 24 March 2012 a bus brought 22 members and guests to the Black Horse Museum at Fulda. We were introduced in the history of the 11th ACR. Afterwards we had a delicious lunch at the Brauereigasthof Wiesenmühle followed by a guided tour through "Barockstadt Fulda".
The day before Marco had found out that "Point Alpha" would be close by. So we skipped the shopping-hour and with the cooperation of the bus driver visited the observation point of the 11th ACR directly at the former German-German border, the center of the "Fulda Gap".
Photos on facebook.
Newsletter January 2012

Tuesday, 17 January 2012 at 18:30 hrs
General Membership Meeting
at the "Tannenbaum" in Fürth.
27 Members attended the meeting. We enjoyed a delicious buffet with Bratwürste and Leberkäs and Apfelstrudel as dessert. The program of 2011 and the plans for 2012 were presented by Marco and other board members. President Abbie Simon addressed a keynote to the members about history and future of the GAMC. He received an award of appreciation for his 10 years presidency from the Board. The board members whose two-year terms had ended were re-elected unanimously.

Newsletter October 2011AFN Vilseck
The foggy weather didn't stop us from visiting AFN EAGLE at Vilseck. More than 20 Members of the GAMC, the KONTAKT Club and friends received interesting informations about the radio and TV studios. After lunch we were kindly offered a first insight in the new museum of the 2nd ACR that will open next year.

Thanksgiving Dinner 20 September 2011 at Hotel Mercure, Fürth
We enjoyed the bufffet at the Hotel with a delicious brunch and a well cooked turkey.
Photos by Marco Frömter.

Follow the traces of the Americans in Nuernberg - Second Tour (under the responsibility of transiturs)
30 September and 28 October 2011. Report about the first Tour on 30 September.

Newsletter September 2011Garden Party in Stadeln
In spite of the cold weather on 27 August we gathered in the cozy arbor of the Friemelts, where Uli and Norbert  had prepared excellent food (Bratwürste, Hamburger and Chili) and drinks. Thank you to our hosts.

(Photos by Marco Frömter). 
Photoshow Garden Party by Marco Frömter
Newsletter August 2011Tour to Ramstein
This was the absolute highlight of our season. Thirty people, members and guests, from 4 to 87 years of age, started on August 7 from Nuernberg via Würzburg and the lovely Neckar valley to Kaiserslautern. We stayed at the Seehotel Gelterswoog, where we enjoyed an excellent dinner.
The next morning we entered Ramstein Air Base for a two hours bus tour through the post, supported with many details by our guide Elke. We got the chance to enter a C17 Globemaster and could investigate it from the tail to the cockpit.
The tour ended with a typical Schnitzel lunch at the "Deutsches Haus".
In the afternoon we headed back to Nuernberg. 
Many thanks go to our guide Elke and to our board members Marco and Peter who not only organized the complicated tour but also took care of us during the two days. 
More photos see Newsletters/ Archive.
Photoshow Ramstein by Bernd Jesussek
The German-American Men's Club mourns the death of Gen. John M. Shalikashvili. He died on July 23, 2011. As a Commanding General in Fürth between 1985 und 1986 he was a member of our club and was dedicated in his support of the German-American friendship.
Newsletter June 2011

Weikersheim on June 24, 2011
About 25 participants bearded the cold weather and the threatening rain showers on July 24th. We had an interesting city tour through Weikersheim and enjoyed dinner at the "Deutschherren Stuben". Then we watched the opera performance of “Jeunesse Musicale Deutschland” at Weikersheim Palace, a real musical highlight. Highly gifted young musicians and actors performed W. A. Mozart´s opera “Cosi fan tutte” - only shortly interrupted by a light rain shower. A special “Thank You” goes to our experienced tour manager, Heinz Stahlschmidt, for organizing and accompanying the evening. Photoshow Weikersheim by Bernd Jesussek

Picnic at Pleikershof on 3rd of July 2011: Despite the cold and rainy weather about 60 people took part in this years GAMC Picnic. Norbert and his team had organized everything very well and we enjoyed  the "Spanferkel" from the Hornig family, the hamburgers and coffee and cake. The barn was an excellent shelter against the bad weather conditions. See Photos by Norbert Friemelt). Photoshow Picnic by Norbert Friemelt

Newsletter March 2011Photoshow by Marco Frömter and Norbert Friemelt
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